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't think we are -- throw money at our have some program or some covert action. we need to approach the issue with some sense philosophically. the reality is there's racial we can do except protect against the interest we currently have in the region. weekend for the next 30 or 40 years think about how you create can't trace of general liberals who may someday run the country. i grew up in mexico. very briefly. mexico was a horrible backward authoritarian place with his loser presidents, and all of a sudden you get guys like fox and calderÓn, and where did they come from? they have a ph.d from the university of chicago. that's how it happened. find those 10 people, educate them and maybe some good will come 20 years down the road. >> you mentioned the justice component of a lot of these islamist parties. there's an argument that can be made that this is a response to the corruption of these you sponsored regimes. i would say that in the case of gaza which you mentioned, rob, that was a very series component. any thoughts how to combat that or includes this in the right direction? >
class strive, assured his actions will strengthen the character of our country in his time and for future generations. by his leadership and patriotism tip o'neill was of proud champion of his district, his state and our nation. gavel in hand, he was a giant in the congress. for his record of progress he was a bonafide american hero. by adding his name to federal buildings, in spite of the capital he loved, we all carry the torch of the legacy of tip o'neill. i hope that we have not the close vote at the time, but a unanimous vote that shows we share tip's values and take pride in his leadership as he stands as an neighbor to president gerald ford. thank you, i yield back the balance -- i yield back -- >> the gentlelady yields back and seeks recognition. >> gentleman in reserve. >> reserve. >> i would like to recognize the ranking member of the transportation committee, mickey joe riegle. i yield to him two minutes. >> the chair recognize perhaps the gentleman from massachusetts for yielding me the time and join with the democratic leader and speaker of the house in support
to you. michael is a fop class action hant trust lawyer. involved in a number of interesting cases including the -- [inaudible] suing the ncaa on behalf of players for issues more relevant to the conversation you're involved with the nfl concussion lawsuits. right. as you hear the conversation, what runs there you mind as plaintiffs' lawyer are there liability issues here in terms of the, you know, the lack of trained coaches, irresponsibility behavior by some. where is it headed? could we see the same type of litigation at the youth as we have seen from the nfl level. what exact might it have on forces coaches to get training or, you know, people adhering to responsible behavior at the lowest levels. can i start with a yes? >> i know. i know. the seven-barrel question. i apologize. >> the law offers and interesting perspective in the conflict in the discussion gone on today between dr. cantu who is advocating until science proves otherwise it's safest at least to preclude tackling and stay with flag football despite the fact that there are efforts progressively to make the game sa
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3